Ilya Kutik and Andrew Wachtel, Northwestern University

Tatiana Tulchinsky, Andrew Wachtel, and Gwenan Wilbur

Designer, Developer and Site Manager
Michael Denner, Stetson University


Marina Sharapova

Simon Greenwold
Dana Fuller

Additional Computer Expertise, Copyediting, Scanning, and Monkeying
Olga Khroustaleva

This anthology could not have appeared without help from numerous sources. First, of course, there was financial help. The Witter-Bynner Foundation for poetry helped to fund the initial stage of translations for this project. A very generous grant from Eden Martin allowed us to begin work on the web site for the project, and this grant was supplemented with money provided by the Northwestern University Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures. Northwestern University also provided space on its servers for this project at no cost, for which we are most grateful. The National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar “Literature in Transition: The Impact of Information Technology,” given by Professor Kate Hayles during the summer of 2001 at UCLA, also provided monetary and technical support. Invaluable feedback for the design and functioning of this web site was given by the seminar’s participants.

Perhaps the most important debt of the editors is to Michael Denner, who has spent countless hours designing the web site, suggesting improvements in the translations, and generally pushing us to get this project finished. There is no question at all that without his efforts this project would never have seen the light of day.

Stunning original artwork for the project has been provided by Marina Sharapova, and Russian texts have been ably proofread and in many cases typed by Olga Khroustaleva. Research for the biographical pages was carried out by Dana Fuller and Simon Greenwold. Research in Russia on the audio portion of the site was provided by the firm Russian Courier, and in particular by Angelika Vassilieva.

Finally, the editors are most grateful for the prodigious quantity of translation work carried out jointly by Tanya Tulchinsky and Gwenan Wilbur. It goes without saying that any errors and omissions are entirely our responsibility, but the beauty of web presentation is that the majority of errors are correctable. Again, we encourage any users of the site to alert us to errors they find, and we hope that when we eventually release this project in book form it will be, thanks to you, mistake free.

Andrew Wachtel
Ilya Kutik
Evanston, Illinois
November, 2001

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