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With the exception of Friends and Partners, the following sites are in Russian. There are plenty of other sites on Russian poetry, but many are small collections that are poorly maintained or reproduced in larger sites.

See the individual poet pages on this site for an extensive catalog of links to English and Russian sources.

: . Contains a very broad selection from Trediakovsky to Akhmadulina, including many minor poets. Criticism, biographies, attribution, bibliographies, links to other sources. The site also has a small collection of audio files. (RUSSIAN)

The poem project at has an excellent collection of contemporary Russian poets including Sosnora, Kutik, Prigov, and others.

Friends and Partners. ( ) . With a database of 12,000+ poems and many translations, it is the largest collection of 19th-century poetry and 20th-century poetry available. The organization is sometimes unclear, the options for concatenation of poems are limited, and the translations and sources are rarely attributed. (ENGLISH and RUSSIAN)

Peskin's "Public Library". Looks to be a bit neglected. Contains some rare electronic texts including Fet, Blok, Esenin (collected works) and Lermontov. (RUSSIAN) The "official server of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation." Well funded (by British Council, UNESCO) and well designed site, but little original content. Biographies of major Russian cultural figures. Some electronic texts, links, music files, visual art. (RUSSIAN)

Russian Virtual Library ( ). The complete collected works of Pushkin, Khlebnikov, and Batiushkov. With attribution and extensive commentary. (RUSSIAN)

Russian Poetry of the 60s ( ). True to its name. Contains links, criticism. (RUSSIAN)

Classic Russian Poetry ( ). 5900 poems. Very useful site inasmuch as it archives electronic texts from other sites, many of which have subsequently disappeared. Limited interface. (RUSSIAN)

Aquarelle ( ). Mostly devoted to poetry of the Silver Age. Many electronic texts, criticism, some links, some historical material.

Vavilon: Contemporary Russian Literature (: )

Google's search engine offers the most intuitive and thorough search on the web. You can type your search request below in Russian or English.


ndex offers an index based on the Open Directory Project, but is mainly limited to Russian-based (.ru) sites. Their // section offers a comprehensive list of links to Russian poetry sites based in Russia. You may also type in a search term below to search for poets, poems, etc.




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