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Benois' designs were remarkable not merely for their expressivity but also for their vibrant color. This is the design for Act 1 of Petrushka, which takes place during the Shrovetide carnival. Compare Benois' depiction of the scene with that of Kustodiev. In the central part of the background, one can see the Admiralty spire, which identifies the setting of the ballet as St. Petersburg. Note the stage within a stage at the center. It is from behind the blue curtain that the Magician will summon the puppets of the Moor, the Ballerina, and Petrushka to life.

Listen to an excerpt from the folksong "Along the Peter Road" (as arranged by Rachmaninoff) Listen to Stravinsky's version of the same melodic material in Act 4 of Petrushka. (To listen to these files, you must download the free the RealAudio Player and install it on your computer.)