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Below is a selection of the best Internet resources (in English) on Russian Drama. We have not included some sites when their content is reproduced on larger sites. Please contact the systems administrator if you have any suggestions for other links.

General Resources

In 2002, the Museum of Modern art staged an exhibit The Russian Avant-Garde Book. The companion website contains numerous examples of works by artists featured on


The Bedbug A thorough and lively synopsis of the play and excellent biography of Mayakovsky


Classical Music Pages: "The Making of a Love Triangle: Stravinsky's Ballet Petrushka" by Natalie Shearer

Butler University: A MIDI recording of Three Pieces from Stravinsky's Petrushka. Synopsis of the ballet is quoted from Lincoln Kirstein's Movement And Metaphor.

Rite of Spring

NPR's Performance Today: Read a brief introduction to Stravinsky's work and listen to a discussion of its importance by Harvard University professor Thomas Kelly.


People, Theaters, and Troupes

Les Ballets Russes

Jim Fowler's Les ballets russes de Diaghilev, 1909-1929: Overview of the performances.

Alexandre Benois

Russian Painting: Discussion of Benois' career

Alexander Blok Excellent biography of Blok

Sergei Diaghilev

Jim Fowler's Tribute to Diaghilev: Brief biography and extensive chronology of Diaghilev's productions

Estelle Souche's Diaghilev's Ballets Russes: Reading list, chronology, and facts about each performance.

Dick Andros: Biography of Diaghilev

Natalia Goncharova

Russian Painting: Biography and discussion of Goncharova's works

El Lissitsky

The Getty: A site devoted to the life and work of Lissitzky; includes links to related resources on Lissitzky and Russian modernism.

Kazimir Malevich

WebMuseum: Concise biography and discussion of Malevich and his importance. 5+ high-resolution images.

The Artchive: 20+ images.

The Guggenheim: Biography, suggested reading, works in the collection

Articons: Fairly extensive biography and discussion of work

Russian Painting: A discussion of Malevich's Taking in the Harvest

Vsevolod Meyerhold

An unattributed but quite good discussion of Meyerhold's theatrical system

Site of the Meyerhold Memorial Museum in Moscow: Exhaustive biographical information, video of biomechanical exercises, timeline, tour of Meyerhold's apartment

Theater Topics: An article by Anna Muza that discusses recently published stenographic records of Meyerhold's rehearsals

Aleksandr Rodchenko

Artnet: An article by Peter Schjeldahl on the 1998 MoMA exhibit. Contains discussion of works, biography, and images

Masters of Photography: An excerpt from Twentieth Century Photography and selections from Rodchenko's photography oeuvre.

Museum of Modern Art: Excellent site devoted to their 1998 retrospective.

Museum of Modern Art: Excellent site devoted to the Russian avant-garde book, many of which were designed by Rodchenko.

Konstantin Stanislavsky

American Masters (PBS Series): A brief biographical sketch and discussion of how Stanislavsky's method has influenced American actors

BBC Education: An thorough discussion of Stanislavsky's career and ideas with reading recommendations

Classical Music Pages: Article on Petrushka, list of works, bibliography, and images.