Ilya Kutik

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From Catullus/Из Катулла
On your back I trace the letter A.../Я черчу на спине твоей букву А...
A Hermit Pets a Cat, While Thinking About the Ocean/Пустынник гладит кота, думая о море


Timeline for Ilya Kutik



Kutik with poet Genadii Aigi (click for larger image)

Commemorative 5-kopeck stamp with Kutik.


1960 Born in Lvov (Lviv), Ukraine

1975 Graduates from Art School at The Architectural Institute, Lvov

1983 Enters Gorky Institute of Literature in Moscow, where he joins a group formed around a seminar led by Aleksandr Mikhailov. The group would eventually call itself "metarealists." Writes "Ode."

1983-1988 Works at the publisher "Kniga" (Book).

1987 Publishes Russian translation of Pope's "Essay on Man"

1988 First trip abroad to Denmark in the company of Voznesensky, Parshchikov, Zhdanov, Kim and others.

1990 First book Pentathlon of Emotions is published

1990-1992 Works for the BBC in London. Marries and settles in Lund, Sweden. Trains to be a bicycle repairman, but manages only to learn the "linguistic" side of his work. Enters graduate study at Stockholm University in literature.

1992 Publishes a collection of Swedish poetry in translation

1993 Meets Brodsky for the first time at a poetry festival in Rotterdam. Book Odysseus' Bow published by Sovetskij Pisatel', St. Petersburg.

1994 Finishes graduate study. Receives job at Northwestern University teaching Russian poetry.

1995 Ode on Visiting the Belosaraisk Spit on the Sea of Azov (Ода) published in bilingual edition by Alef Publishers.





Kutik in Sweden (click for larger image)



Kutik in the 1990s (click for a larger image)