Kazimir Malevich


Kazimir Malevich (1878-1935) was perhaps the most important visual artist of the Russian avant-garde. A tireless experimenter, he worked in multiple and rapidly changing styles beginning with impressionism in his earliest work and ending with figurative canvases in the 1930s. In between were primitivism, cubism, and suprematism. Even when borrowing from others, however, Malevich was always a strikingly original artist as well as a fascinating, albeit quirky, theoretician. Malevich worked rarely in the theater (only two productions), but his costume and set designs for the "first futurist opera," Victory over the Sun (1913) are among the most striking theatrical works of this period. To see some of Malevich's paintings, go to the first work by Malevich in "Movements and Schools" section of this site and browse through selections.

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