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"Red Square" (1913)
Working in parallel, Malevich also created a system of abstract painting that he would call suprematism. Unlike cubism and rayonnism, suprematism did not gradually evolve from figurative painting. Rather, it began abruptly with the production of stark, geometrically-organized canvases like "Red Square" (1913). Of this style, Malevich said in his treatise "From Cubism and Futurism to Suprematism: The New Painterly Realism"; "I have transformed myself in the zero of form and have fished myself out of the rubbishy slough of academic art.. I have destroyed the ring of the horizon and got out of the circle of objects, the horizon ring that has imprisoned the artist and the forms of nature." (For a fuller text, see Bowlt 116-135) Malevich's suprematism was already apparent in his designs for the Futurist opera Victory Over the Sun, 1913.

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