The primary structure of the anthology is reverse-chronological: It begins with the contemporary poetry scene and traces back through two centuries of Russian heritage to the beginnings of the poetic tradition. Comparing the history of Russian poetry to a tree, Ilya Kutik states in the anthology's introduction that "the chief goal of this anthology is to show the roots - the 18th and 19th centuries - that produced the crown of Russian poetry, the 20th century."

You may also view the poems in alphabetical order by title (in Russian), and in alphabetical order by poet's last name.

I. V. Kutik 1960-

O. A. Sedakova 1949-

D. A. Prigov 1940-

G. Aigi 1934-

N. A. Zabolotsky 1903-1958

A. A. Akhmatova 1899-1966

M. I. Tvsetaeva 1892-1939

V. V. Mayakovsky 1891-1937

O. E. Mandelshtam 1891-1938

B. L. Pasternak 1890-1960

B. K. Livshits 1886-1939

V. F. Khodasevich 1886-1939

N. S. Gumilev 1886-1921

V. V. Khlebnikov 1885-1922

D. D. Burliuk 1882-1967

A. A. Blok 1880-1921

A.Bely 1880-1934

V. Ia. Briusov 1873-1924

M. A. Kuzmin 1872-1936

K. D. Balmont 1867-1942

V. I. Ivanov 1866-1949

I. F. Annensky 1855-1909

V. S. Soloviev 1853-1900

N. A. Nekrasov 1821-1878

M. Iu. Lermontov 1814-1841

A. A. Fet 1812-1892

F. I. Tiutchev 1803-1873

N. M. Yazykov 1803-1846

E. A. Baratynsky 1800-1844

A. S. Pushkin 1799-1837

A. A. Delvig 1798-1831

P. A. Viazemsky 1792-1878

K. N. Batiushkov 1787-1855

V. A. Zhukovsky 1783-1852

I. A. Krylov 1769 - 1844

G. R. Derzhavin 1743-1816

M.V. Lomonosov 1711-1765


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